Deadly Justice

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Timmy says:
Deadly Justice was a fun read. Very interesting premise - serial killer president with a few key people around him helping him keep having people killed.
I had a bit of a hard time reading, though - switching from people to people one paragraph to the next within the chapter without having spaces in the page or markers was a little confusing sometimes.
I also wish the ending stretched out a little more. Without putting in spoliers - would have liked more details for some of the events at the end.
Overall enjoyed the book
Deadly Justice
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User Reviews:

Guest 11 months ago

Good book

Guest 7 months ago

A little OTT. But I've read far worse books.

Guest a year ago

This book reads like John Sanford, Jeffrey Deaver, Vince Flynn and many other great writers.

Guest a year ago

A great read loved it, couldn't put it down

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