Delsarte System of Oratory

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CONTENTS: - Francois Delsarte. - Preface. - Part First. Voice Chapter I. Preliminary Ideas-criterion of the Oratorical Art. Chapter II. Of The Voice. Chapter III. The Voice in Relation to Intensity of


Sound. Chapter IV. The Voice in Relation to Measure. - Part Second. Gesture. Chapter I. Of Gesture in General. Chapter II. Definition and Division of Gesture. Chapter III. Origin and Oratorical Value of Gesture. Chapter IV. The Laws of Gesture. Chapter V. Of Gesture in Particular. Chapter VI. Of the Torso. Chapter VII. Of The Limbs. Chapter VIII. Of the Semeiotic, or the Reason of Gesture. Chapter IX. Of Gesture in Relation to the Figures which Represent It. - Part Third. Articulate Language. Chapter I. Origin and Organic Apparatus of Language. Chapter II. Elements of Articulate Language. Chapter III. The Oratorical Value of Speech. Chapter IV. The Value of Words in Phrases. Chapter V. French and Latin Prosody. Chapter VI. Method. Chapter VII. A Series of Gestures for Exercises. - Part Fourth. Arnaud on Delsarte. Chapter I. The Bases of the Science. Chapter II. The Method. Chapter III. Was Delsarte a Philosopher? Chapter IV. Course of Applied AEsthetics. Chapter V. The Recitation of Fables. Chapter VI. The Law of AEsthetics. Chapter VII. The Elements Of Art. Chapter VIII. Application of the Law to the Various Arts. Chapter IX. Delsarte's Beginnings. Chapter X. Delsarte's Theatre and School. Chapter XI. Delsarte's Family. Chapter XII. Delsarte's Religion. Chapter XIII. Delsarte's Friends. Chapter XIV. Delsarte's Scholars. Chapter XV. Delsarte's Musical Compositions. Chapter XVI. Delsarte's Evening Lectures. Chapter XVII. Delsarte's Inventions. Chapter XVIII. Delsarte before the Philotechnic Association.[8] Chapter XIX. Delsarte's Last Years. - Part Fifth. The Literary Remains of Francois Delsarte. Extract from the Last Letter to the King of Hanover. Episode I. Episode II. Episode III. Episode IV. Episode V. Semeiotics of The Shoulder. Episode VI. First Objection to the Thermometric System of the Shoulder. Episode VII. - Part Sixth. Lecture and Lessons Given by Mme. Geraldy (Delsarte's Daughter) in America. - Part Seventh. Addenda. *** a selection from the Preface: Orators, you are called to the ministry of speech. You have fixed your choice upon the pulpit, the bar, the tribune or the stage. You will become one day, preacher, advocate, lecturer or actor; in short, you desire to embrace the orator's career. I applaud your design. You will enter upon the noblest and most glorious of vocations. Eloquence holds the first rank among the arts. While we award praise and glory to great musicians and painters, to great masters of sculpture and architecture, the prize of honor is decreed to great orators. Who can define the omnipotence of speech? With a few brief words God called the universe from nothingness; speech falling from the glowing lips of the Apostles, has changed the face of the earth. The current of opinion follows the prestige of speech, and to-day, as ever, eloquence is universal queen. We need feel no surprise that, in ancient times, the multitude uncovered as Cicero approached, and cried: -Behold the orator!-

Delsarte System of Oratory
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