Demonstration of the Truth of the Christian Religion

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mination to believe what is most contrary to custom and experience." It is not a miracle that those scoffers in the last days do not " believe the Christian religion," whom " reason is insufficient to convince of its veracity!" If not thus irrationally hardened against conviction, men would be moved to assent to it by every evidence of its truth. But that man surely " subverts the principles of his understanding" who argues against facts, of which he is willingly ignorant. It is not without a reason of our faith that a hundred and forty prophecies? all of which, literally true even at this day, are real miracles? form the basis of a demonstration of its. veracity. All of these bear (as previously shown in the Evidence of Prophecy!) against the argument of Hume. But one prophecy alone from the New Testament is not "insufficient" to transform the subtlest arguer against the Christian miracles, and each sage in his train?by his own predicted character and argument, even at this day or in the last days?into "a continued miracle in his own person," which may be sufficient to subvert all the fallacies of a vain imagination, and give every wise man a determination to say, My soul, enter not thou into their counsel; rush not with a reed against the thick bosses of the buckler of the Almighty; for although there may, as thus seen, be strong delusion to disbelieve the Christian religion and to believe a lie, there is demonstration to believe, as invariably accordant with experience, in that word which never faileth, and which is indeed of everlasting use. CHAPTER III. ON THE ANTIQUITY AND AUTHENTICITY OF THE OLD TESTAMENT SCRIPTURES. On comparing a portion of a single chapter of the Book of Daniel with the various histories of the successive kings of Syria and E...

Demonstration of the Truth of the Christian Religion
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