Divided Skates

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Evelyn Raymond (1843-1910), was the author of a number of series of stories for American girls. She was one of the most popular writers of fiction for girls reading at the beginning of the twentieth c


entury. Her works include: Reels and Spindles: A Story of Mill Life (1900), Dorothy (also known as Dorothy Chester: The Haps and Mishaps of a Foundling) (1907), Dorothy's Schooling (1907), Dorothy at Skyrie (1907), Dorothy's Travels (1908), Dorothy's House Party (1908), Dorothy in California (1909), Dorothy on a Ranch (1909), Dorothy's House Boat (also known as Dorothy on a House Boat) (1909), Dorothy at Oak Knowe (1910), Dorothy's Triumph (1911) and Dorothy's Tour (1912).

Divided Skates
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