Doctor Luke of the Labrador

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of HER ARMS THERE was a day not far distant?my father had told my mother with a touch of impatience that it must come for all sons?when Skipper Tommy took me with one of the twin lads in the punt to the Hook-an'-Line grounds to jig, for the traps were doing poorly with the fish, the summer was wasting and there was nothing for it but to take to hook and line: which my father's dealers heartily did, being anxious to add what fish they could to the catch, though in this slower way. And it was my first time beyond the Gate?and the sea seemed very vast and strange and sullen when we put out at dawn?and when the long day was near done the wind blew gray and angry from the north and spread a thickening mist over the far-off Watchman ?and before night closed, all that Skipper Tommy had said of harbours and flowers came true in my heart. " We'll be havin' t' beat up t' the Gate," said he, as he hauled in the grapnel. " With all the wind she can carry," added little Jacky, bending to lift the mast into the socket. In truth, yes?as it seemed to my unknowing mind: she had all the wind she could carry. The wind fretted the black sea until it broke all roundabout; and the punt heeled to the gusts and endlessly flung her bows up to the big waves; and the spray swept over us like driving rain, and was bitter cold; and the mist fell thick and swift upon the coast beyond. Jacky, forward with the jib-sheet in his capable little fist and the bail bucket handy, scowled darkly at the gale, being alert as a cat, the while; and the skipper, his mild smile unchanged by all the tumult, kept a hand on the mainsheet and tiller, and a keen, quiet eye on the canvas and on the vanishing rocks whither we were bound. And forth and back she went, back and forth, again and again, wi...

Doctor Luke of the Labrador
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