Doreen the Story of a Singer

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Ada Ellen Bayly (1857-1903) was a British novelist who wrote several popular stories under the name of "Edna Lyall". They include Won by Waiting (1879), Donovan (1882), We Two (1884), In the Golden Da


ys (1885), Their Happiest Christmas (1886), Knight-Errant (1887), The Autobiography of a Slander (1887), A Hardy Norseman (1889), Derrick Vaughan: Novelist (1889), To Right the Wrong (1892), Doreen: The Story of a Singer (1894), How the Children Raised the Wind (1895), The Autobiography of a Truth (1896), Wayfaring Men (1867), Hope the Hermit (1898), In Spite of All (1901), The Hinderers: A Story of the Present Time (1902) and The Burges Letters: A Record of Life in the Sixties (1902).

Doreen the Story of a Singer
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