Dotty Dimple's Flyaway

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ING AWAY TO HEAVEN. About ten o'clock one morning, Flyaway was sitting in the little green chamber with Dotty Dimple and Jennie Vance, bathing her doll's feet in a glass of water. Dinah had a dreadful headache, and her forehead was bandaged with a red ribbon. " Does you feel any better?" asked Flyaway, tenderly, from time to time ; but Dinah had such a habit of never answering, that it was of no use to ask her any questions. Dotty Dimple and Jennie were talking veiy earnestly. " I do wish I did know where Charlie Gray is! " said Dotty, looking through the open window at a bird flying far aloft into the blue sky. " You do know," answered Jennie, quickly ; " he's in heaven." " Yes, of course ; but so high up ? O, so high up," sighed Dotty, " it makes you dizzy to think." " Can um see we ?" struck in little Flyaway, holding to Dinah's flat nose a bottle of reviving soap suds. "Prudy says it's beautiful to be dead," added Dotty, without heeding the question ; " beautiful to be dead." "Shtop!" cried Flyaway; "I's a-talkin'. Does um see we ?" "0, I don' know, Fly Clifford ; you'll have to ask the minister." Flyaway squeezed the water from Dinah'sragged feet, and dropped her under the table, headache and all. Then she tipped over the goblet, and flew to the window. " The Charlie boy likes canny seeds; I'll send him some," said she, pinning a paper of sugared spices to the window curtain, and drawing it up by means of the tassel. "O, dear, um don't go high enough. Charlie won't get 'em." " Why, what is that baby trying to do ? " said Dotty Dimple. " Charlie's deflul high up," murmured Flyaway, heaving a little sigh; " can't get the canny seeds." " O, what a Fly ! How big do you s'pose her mind is, Jennie Vance?" " Big as ... --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

Dotty Dimple's Flyaway
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