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Henry Peterson (1818-1891) was an American publisher and author. He was a member of the Junior Anti-Slavery Society, of Philadelphia, and gave an address on July 4th, 1838 entitled Address on American


Slavery. With Edmund Deacon he published the Saturday Evening Post, in Philadelphia in 1839 and was it's editor for almost 30 years from 1846-74. His works include: The Twin Brothers (1843), Poems (2 volumes, 1863/1883), Universal Suffrage (1867), The Modern Job (1869), Pemberton; or, One Hundred Years Ago (1873), Confessions of a Minister (1874), Helen; or, One Hundred Years Ago (1876), Bessie's Six Lovers: A Summer Idyl (1877), Caesar: A Dramatic Study (1879) and Dulcibel: A Tale of Old Salem (1907).

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