Erdgeist (Earth-Spirit)

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Erdgeist (Earth-Spirit) is an amazing play that narrates the readers about the life of Lulu who was found at the age of twelve in the street by Dr Schön who gave her a necessary education and tau


ght her to be a real lady. When she grows older, Dr Schön arranges for Lulu a marriage with an older man named Dr Goll who dies soon after the wedding because of heart attack. Before his death he find out that his wife had a affair with a painter and could not survive it. After the end of her marriage Lulu starts her dancing career with Alva Schön and it turns out that she is very talented. She forces Dr Schön to break up with his fiancée and marry her. At the same time she is having a number of affairs with other men. So what will be next? Be prepared to dive into the events happening in the life of Lulu.

Erdgeist (Earth-Spirit)
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