European Folk And Fairy Tales

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Undated hardcover reprint of the 1916 original. "Joseph Jacobs' fans and new readers alike will welcome the reappearance of this classic international collection of folk and fairy stories from England


, Ireland and the Continent. Cinder-Maid, Beauty and the Beast, Androcles and the Lion, and Snow White, as well as a number of delightful less-familiar tales, are among those recounted by the master storyteller. John D. Batten's original pictures handsomely illustrate the traditional myths and legends. In this collection, Mr. Jacobs, late president of the English Folk-Lore Society, has brought together forty-four of the many charming myths and legends that have been told to children of the English countryside for hundreds of years. Here included are classics that will live as long as there are children on earth to marvel at the wonderworld of fairyland. Tom Tit Tot, The Old Woman and Her Pig, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Story of the Three Bears and many others are here brought to life through text and pictures.

European Folk And Fairy Tales
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