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Once upon a time, the new moon was shining like a silver bow in the heavens, and the stars glittered and trembled as if they were afraid. " What frightens you ?" said the placid Moon; " be calm, like me." " I am freezing," answered the North Star; " that is why I shake." ' We are dancing," said the even Sisters; " and, watch as closely as you please, you can never get a fair peep at our golden sandals, our feet twinkle so." " I am sleepy," grumbled the Great Bear; " I am trying to keep my eyes open. Perhaps that is the reason I wink so much." Thus, with one accord, they made excuses to the pale Moon, who is their guardian, ? all but the sweet Vesper Star: she was silent ; and when a white cloud floated by, she was glad of an excuse to hide her face. ! Let the North Star shiver, and the Seven Sisters dance, and all the golden stars hold a revel," thought she; " as for me, I am sad." For you must know that the Vesper Star has a task to perform, and is not allowed to sleep. She keeps vigil over the Earth, by night; and never ceases her watch till the world is up in the morning. For the sick and sad, who cannot sleep, she feels an unutterable pity, so that her heart is always throbbing with sorrow. The Moon looked at the Vesper Star, and said, " Dream on, sweet sister; for you, the noblest of all, have told me no falsehood." This the Moon said because she knew thatnone of the stars had given a true reason for twinkling so gayly that night. The truth was, they were filled with envy, and were trying to be as brilliant as possible, to compete with a flaming Comet which had just appeared in the sky. It is not for man to know how long and how peacefully the gentle stars had travelled together, doing the work which God has appointed, without...

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