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the bud. The root that bore it is too vigorous not to blossom out anew, and the chances are that it will bring forth some less creditable fruit. You will see ! I do not jest; I know what is in me !" " Content! we will run the risk!" replied the countess, trying to speak cheerfully. The grave manner of Maurice and his impressive tone, as he stood before her with an air half-threatening, half-prophetic, made her experience a sensation of vague discomfort. " We will trust you, for you are a de Gramont, and cannot commit a dishonorable action. Now, pray, go to your room and make your toilet. We are expecting guests to dinner." Maurice turned away without uttering another word, without even heeding the hand which Bertha stretched in sympathy towards him; and, with a clouded brow and slow steps, ascended to his own apartment. CHAPTER III. m MADELEINE. "FooBTEEN at table, and the Sevres set only sufficient for twelve! Truly it is untoward, but I wish, my dear aunt, you would not let it trouble you so much. If you will allow the two extra plates to be placed before Bertha and myself, we will endeavor to render them invisible by our witchcraft. Do compliment us by permitting the experiment to be tried." " Bertha is entitled to the best of everything in my mansion," answered the countess, unsoothed by this proposition. " That I admit," was Madeleine's cordial reply ; " but to meet this unlooked-for emergency, I thought you might possibly consent to let her exert her witchery in making an intrusive plate disappear from general view." " And you, it seems, are quite confident of possessing witch' craft potent enough to accomplish the same feat! " Madeleine, without appearing to be hurt by the taunting intonation which pointed this remark, ...

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