Favorite Fairy Tales

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FAVORITE FAIRY TALES The original blurb to this book read, "This is a collection of the fairy tales that children love best, told in simple language and lavishly illustrated. They are written by vario


us authors, a selection of the best and most popular fairy stories, culled from many sources and here collected and presented in most attractive form, printed in large clear type, with many pictures, some of them colored." Well, this isn't an illustrated edition -- Aegypan may do those, some day, but we don't now -- but the rest is still true. What's also true, and not apparent from the original blurb, us that we like this book a lot. We don't reprint books we don't like, and especially don't do lousy kids' books our own children might get ahold of. So Enjoy! This is something special. --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

Favorite Fairy Tales
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