Federal Usurpation

Cover of book Federal Usurpation
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Franklin Pierce wrote this book in 1908. It attempted to warn the people of the growing intrusion into individual life by the national government. It was a time when Theodor Roosevelt was talking abou


t walking softly while carrying a big stick, a time when major corporations and party machines learned to cooperate, and a time when the people were far too taken by their national leaders to see the warning signs of growing paternalism. “Labor Unions, Boards of Trade, National Banks, and like bodies are constantly turning to the President of the United States, asking him to arbitrate strikes, coerce corporations, and deposit government surplus, and generally carry on the domestic affairs of the states.” (Pierce, p. 125 – 126) These activities were at the heart of his concern regarding the growing nature of paternalism in the federal government, especially in the executive branch.

Federal Usurpation
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