Fenwicks Career

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A 1906 novel from Mary Augusta Ward, an enormously successful British novelist who wrote under her married name as Mrs Humphry Ward. She wrote 25 novels, concerned largely with religious, political, a


nd social issues. “First, the reason why “Fenwick's Career” is the best thing Mrs. Ward has ever done; is it not because she has at last succeeded in drawing a real man, a task which nearly always proves too great for the female novelist? John Fenwick, whether we like him or not, is genuine flesh and blood; no mere puppet like Aldons Raeburn or Jacob Delafield, nor is he a revoltingly inhuman cad like the “hero” of “Eleanor,” who had nothing sincere about him. Fenwick is a moral coward, a shirker of the worst kind-witness the way he sends Mme. De Pastourelles to his wife when he should have gone himself – cabable of his pettiest, meanest jealousness; but he has some conscience, and the lie he lives makes him suffer. Through it all he is entirely real; his character is admirably portrayd, consistently developed…(From The New York Times).

Fenwicks Career
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