Fifteen Years in Hell

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Fifteen Years in Hell Is the 1885 autobiography of Luther Benson. Benson struggled with alcohol most of his life. His drinking led to his leaving college. Benson made a promise to his mother to not dr


ink, but as so many addicts do he broke his word. This is his story and it is more importantly a plea to others to not follow in his path. His introduction says, ""FIFTEEN YEARS IN HELL," may, to some, seem irreverent or profane, but let me assure any such that it is the mildest I can find which conveys an idea of the facts. Expect nothing ornate or romantic. The path along which you who walk with me will go is not a flowery one. Its shadows are those of the cypress and yew; its skies are curtained with funereal clouds; its beginning is a gloom and its end is a mad house. But go with me, for you can suffer no harm, and a knowledge of what you will see may lead you to warn others who are in danger of doing as I have done. Unless help comes to me from on high, I feel that I am near the end of my weary and sorrow-laden pilgrimage on earth. You who are in the light, I speak to you from the shadow; you who suffer, I speak to you from the depths; you who are dying, perhaps I may speak to you from the world of the dead; in any case the words herein written are the truth."

Fifteen Years in Hell
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