Fifty-One Tales

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Fifty-One Tales
Dunsany Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett Baron
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“The mist said unto the mist: "Let us go up into the Downs." And the mist came up weeping.
And the mist went into the high places and the hollows. And clumps of trees in the distance stood ghostly in t


he haze.But I went to a prophet, one who loved the Downs, and I said to
him: "Why does the mist come up weeping into the Downs when it goes into the high places and the hollows?” – The Mist.
Also known by the title “Food of Death” 1915. This collection of short stories by Edward Plunkett, or Lord Dunsany, includes numerous tales written by this Anglo-Irish writer and dramatist, notable for his work mostly in fantasy, between 1909 and 1915. His tales of the supernatural do not need both allegorical comment and science explanation; even less the meaningful interpretation of psychoanalysts. They can’t be ranked on a par with the works of Aesop or Herbert Wells, they are just magic.

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