Fleet Street Eclogues

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SANDY BRIAN MENZIES Sandy Pfff ! journalists; the wind blows snell! Brian To-day we freeze, to-morrow fry. Basil And yesterday the black rain fell In sheets from London's smoky sky, Like water through a dirty sieve. Menzies March many weathers, as they say, In country nooks where proverbs live, And folk distinguish night from day. Sandy Well, we shall make a day of night: Behold with gules and or a fire Emblazoned, and a mellow light; And things that journalists require. So let us open out our lore, And chat as snugly as the dead; And damned be those who came before, And all our brilliant sayings said. Brian I love not brilliance; give me words Of meadow-growth and garden plot, Of larks and blackcaps; gaudy birds, Gay flowers and jewels like me not. Basil The age-end journalist it seems Can change his spots and turn his dress, For you are he whose copy teems With paradox and preciousness. Brian Last night I watched the evening star Outshine the moon it so excelled; And since my thought has been afar With deep and simple things of eld. I heard in Fleet Street all the day, While traffic rolled and bells were rung, The sombre, wailing Tenebrae, The Sistine Miserere sung. I saw great people make their Maunds; The prelate leave his lofty seat; A kaiser break imperial bonds To serve the poor and wash their feet. I saw where countless hearts besought Pardon, for heaven's sweet peace athirst; And through my soul the tender thought Of Mary, Virgin-mother pierced. I saw a city kneeling down, I saw the gonfanon unfurled, I saw the Pope in triple crown Stand up for God and bless the world. Templars I saw, and monks and nuns, I saw frail priests strong kings comm... --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

Fleet Street Eclogues
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