For Fortune And Glory

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We were a little nervous to know how Lewis Hough got on writing a book with such a very different setting to his masterly "Doctor Jolliffe's Boys." In fact the story opens in a boarding school (the Br


itish Public School) called Harton. This is probably meant to be a word based on "Eton" and another school that has an annual cricket match with Eton, called "Harrow". In fact there is plenty of internal evidence that it really is Eton, with the dropping of local slang terms only in use at that school. Before I knew the story I was also nervous about the title. What could Fortune possibly have to do with the Soudan War? What actually happened was that a certain Will had been stolen by a former employe, an Egyptian, of a Dublin solicitor, together with a previous version of the Will. This had resulted in a family losing all their money, since the father had been a Partner in an Eastern Bank that foundered in the events leading up to the Soudan War. Eventually the two Wills are tracked down, and justice done as regards the estate. But all this is a parallel story to the description of events in the Soudan War. This is well worth reading for its own sake, especially in this day and age, when certain events seem about to repeat themselves. --This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.

For Fortune And Glory
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