Forest Glen Or the Mohawks Friendship

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1877. Illustrated. The first volume in Kellogg's The Forest Glen Series. The story here presented not only grasps those terrible vicissitudes in which the frontier life of our forefathers was so proli


fic, but at the same time conveys many useful lessons and incentives to manly effort, and much curious information in relation to a period in the history of Pennsylvania, when her soil was occupied by a population comprising many different races and religious sects, having little in common, and held together by the fearful pressure of an Indian war. Here we behold the strange spectacle of the Quaker tilling his land, and pursuing his ordinary duties, while his more belligerent neighbor sleeps with the rifle within reach of his hand, sits in the house of God with the weapon between his knees, goes armed in the funeral procession, which is often attacked, the mourners killed, scalped, and flung into the grave of the corpse they were about to inter...See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishing. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

Forest Glen Or the Mohawks Friendship
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