Forty Years a Gambler On the Mississippi

Cover of book Forty Years a Gambler On the Mississippi
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The Americans showed a special interest for gambling yet in times of proclamation of the Republic. It is considered that by the year 1835 there were 250 river vessels, on which over 2000 professional


gamblers played. Such gamble was described in literature as brave clever gentleman with a piercing look. But in fact, most of them were barefaced cheaters, with George Devol at the head. An unmanageable child, he ran away from home at the age of 10 to become cabin boy on a riverboat Wacousta, where he could hardly escape acquaintance with gamblers. Light money turned his head so much, that he could never stop cheating. Not without troubles, fighting and menace, Devol was excited by his triumphs, some of which were utter adventures.

Forty Years a Gambler On the Mississippi
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