Four Little Blossoms At Brookside Farm

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Josephine Lawrence, Mrs. Platz (1889-1978) was an American author who started her career in journalism. She ghostwrote girls' and tots' series under her own name and under other pseudonyms. She wrote


the first four volumes in the Betty Gordon series, as well as volumes 7 and 9 for the Stratemeyer Syndicate. She published her Four Little Blossoms series of children's books under the name Mabel C. Hawley. Throughout her lifetime, she authored 33 adult novels and approximately 100 children's books. Amongst her works are: Brother and Sister (1921), Man in the Moon Stories (1922), Rosemary (1922), The Adventures of Elizabeth Ann (1923), Rainbow Hill (1924), Linda Lane (1925), Elizabeth Ann and Doris (1925), Glenna (1929), Christine (1930), Wind's in the West (1931), Head of the Family (1932), Years are so Long (1934), If I Have Four Apples (1935), The Sound of Running Feet (1937), Bow Down to Wood and Stone (1938), A Good Home With Nice People (1939) and No Stone Unturned (1941).

Four Little Blossoms At Brookside Farm
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