Four Years Campaign in India

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PORE. NOW I see a chain of providential pointers centring in Cawnpore. At the earnest request of my dear friend Dr. A. Moffitt, of Sydney, New South Wales, I promised to visit his nephew, Dr. Moffitt, at the Netley Hospital. I could find no time to fulfil that promise till my second return from the West Indies. Our splendid ship, the "Tasmania," arrived in Southampton early on Tuesday morning, the 16th of March 1869; and I was to set sail again on Friday ensuing, in the steamship " Syria," for Alexandria, en route to Australia. I had much to do in London, and time was very precious. I put my luggage in the railway waiting-room, and took a cab to go in haste five miles to Netley Hospital, to see Dr. Moffitt. On arrival I was informed that the Doctor had gone to his residence. I took his address, and the cabman said he could drive me " to the very spot." " Very well," said I;" go ahead; I'm in a great hurry." When he drove to " the very spot," he found that it was not the spot where the Doctor lived. After seeking in vain for half an hour, I said, " I must be at the train for its next departure for London, andcan't waste any more time." Just then a man told us where Dr. Moffatt lived ; so we drove to his door. Mrs. Moffatt, with a ruddy, open countenance, received me with true Irish-lady hospitality, as I told her that I had a salutation for her husband from his uncle, Dr. A. Moffitt of Sydney. She said, " My husband is suffering from a severe cold, and has laid down; but I will tell him that you are here." She returned, saying, " My husband says he has no uncle in Sydney; but another Dr. Moffitt, our neighbour, who has just come in to see my husband, says that he has an uncle there." So in the house I was not seeking I found the man I sought, and thus beca...

Four Years Campaign in India
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