Girls of the Forest

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Elizabeth Thomasina Meade Smith (1854 - 1914) wrote under the pseudonym L T Meade. She began writing as a teenager and produced more than 300 books in her career. Meade was the editor of the girls' ma


gazine Atlanta. Her best-known book was A World of Girls published in 1886. Meade also coauthored several mysteries with Robert Eustace. Her books include A Knight of To-day (1877), Bel-Marjory (1878), Mou-setse: a Negro Hero (1880), Mother Herring's Chickens (1881), A London Baby: The Story of King Roy (1883), Two Sisters (1884), The Angel of Life (1885), A World of Girls (1886), Sweet Nancy (1887), Nobody's Neighbors (1887), Deb and The Duchess (1888), Girls of the Forest (1908), Aylwyn's Friends (1909), Pretty Girl and the Others_ (1910). Girls of the Forest is the story of ten sisters being raised by their father in the forest. Aunt Sophie arrives to take care of the girls who are not too happy at the prospect. Will the girls be reigned in or will they manage to keep the freedom they now enjoy?

Girls of the Forest
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