Great Sea Stories

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CONTENTS : - Spanish Bloodhounds and English MastiffsFrom "Westward Ho!" By CHARLES KINGSLEY The Club-Hauling of the DiomedeFrom "Peter Simple." By CAPTAIN FREDERICK MARRYAT The Cruise of the TorchFro


m "Tom Cringle's Log." By MICHAEL SCOTT The Merchantman and the PirateFrom "Hard Cash." By CHARLES READE The Mutiny of the BountyFrom "Chamber's Miscellany." ANONYMOUS The Wreck of the Royal CarolineFrom "The Red Rover." By JAMES FENNIMORE COOPER The Capture of the Great White WhaleFrom "Moby Dick." By HERMAN MELVILLE The Corvette ClaymoreFrom "Ninety-three." By VICTOR HUGO The Merchants' CupFrom "Broken Stowage." By DAVID W. BONE A Storm and a RescueFrom "The Wreck of the _Grosvenor_." By W. CLARK RUSSELL The Sailor's WifeFrom "An Iceland Fisherman." By PIERRE LOTI The Salving of the Yan-ShanFrom "In Blue Waters." By H. DE VERE STACKPOOLE The Derelict NeptuneFrom "Spun Gold." By MORGAN ROBERTSON The Terrible SolomonsFrom "South Sea Tales." By JACK LONDON El DoradoFrom "A Tarpaulin Muster." By JOHN MASEFIELD

Great Sea Stories
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