Greener Than You Think

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"Little did Mrs. Dinkman know that when a somewhat less than scrupulous salesman sprayed her dying suburban Los Angeles lawn with a dose of the Metamorphizer she was witnessing the beginning of the en


d of the world. That salesman was Albert Weener, a two-bit huckster looking for instant riches, who had cajoled the remarkable new plant nutrient away from its recalcitrant inventor, botanist Josephine Spencer Francis. The only problem was, Miss Francis did not yet know how to neutralize her magic chemical". Written in 1947, this sci-fi novel about the grass we tread upon everyday. When an unprincipled salesman sprays a dying suburban Los Angeles lawn with an untested chemical spray, it becomes the beginning of the end of the world. The grass starts growing uncontrollably, ten feet height, thick, tough, impassable, gradually overwhelming Los Angeles, and then California. After reading this novel, you will never look at your lawn with the same eyes. The story is written in a satirical mood, which doesn’t allow it to become a sad tale.

Greener Than You Think
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