Guns And Snowshoes

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Ralph Bonehill was a pseudonym used by the Stratemeyer Syndicate. The Stratemeyer Syndicate was the producer of a number of series for children and adults at the beginning of the twentieth-century, in


cluding the Nancy Drew Mysteries, The Hardy Boys, the various Tom Swift series, The Bobbsey Twins and others. It pioneered the technique of producing longrunning, consistent series of books using a team of freelance authors to write standardised novels, which were published under a pen name owned by his company. Actual writers taking up the pen of Ralph Bonehill include Howard and Lilian Garis, Elizabeth Ward, Edward Stratemeyer, Harriet (Stratemeyer) Adams, and Nancy Axelrad. Series written under this pseudonym include: The Boy Land Boomer; or, Dick Arbuckle's Adventures in Oklahoma (1902), Four Boy Hunters; or, The Outing of the Gun Club (1906), Guns and Snowshoes; or, The Winter Outing of the Young Hunters (1907), Young Hunters of the Lake; or, Out with Rod and Gun (1908) and Out with Gun and Camera; or, The Boy Hunters in the Mountains (1910).

Guns And Snowshoes
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