Gutta-Percha Willie

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George MacDonald was a 19th century Scottish writer, poet and minister. He is best known for his fairy tales and fantasies. His most popular works are Phantastes, The Princess and the Goblin, At the B


ack of the North Wind, and Lilith. Gutta Percha is a plant that acts like a latex substance. It was used for cables, furniture and in dentistry. WillieŽs father gave him the nickname because, ôIn his Latin sentences he found the parts fit into each other like dove-tailing; finding the terms of equations, he said, was like inventing machines, and he soon grew clever at solving them. It was not from his manual abilities alone that his father had given him the name of Gutta-Percha Willie, but from the fact that his mind, once warmed to interest, could accommodate itself to the peculiarities of any science, just as the gutta-percha which is used for taking a mould fits itself to the outs and ins of any figure.ö

Gutta-Percha Willie
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