Harry Potter And the Order of the Phoenix

Cover of book Harry Potter And the Order of the Phoenix
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The result of the Magic Competition which took place at Hogwarts the previous year was terrible for Harry - because he saw the Dark Lord returns and wants to bring the world again in the darkness. But


the government of the magic world is changing, and no one wants to believe in Dark Lord's return. But Harry and his friends believe, and with people, who had tried to destroy the Dark Lord at the time of his previous rise, he wants to start another struggle against him.

Harry Potter And the Order of the Phoenix
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Guest 5 months ago

lit book so good but boring at times 4 stars

Guest 5 months ago

i mean 4 out of 5

Guest 6 months ago

I read these series about 5 times, but I can't stop myself from reading them again!

Guest 4 months ago

I love these books

Guest 6 months ago

I am Lord Voldemort

Guest 5 months ago

Yes you are boi

Guest 5 months ago

I am a death eater
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Guest 7 months ago


Guest 11 months ago

Why is it so retarded
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