Hayslope Grange

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Emma Leslie was the author of The Two Orphans: A Tale for the Young (1863), Trial and Trust; or, Ellen Morden's Experience of Life (1863), Ellerslie House: A Book for Boys (1867), Teddy's Dream; or, A


Little Sweep's Mission (1868), The Heir of Hazlewood; or, All Things Work Together (1868), The Gold Bracelet (1869), Harry Lawley and His Maiden Aunts (1869), Daybreak in Italy (1870), Milly's Errand; or, Saved to Save (1870), Soldier Fritz and the Enemies He Fought (1871), The Orphan and the Foundling; or, Alone in the World (1872), Elsie's Dowry: A Tale of the Franco- German War (1872), Constancia's Household: A Story of the Spanish Reformation (1872), Percy Raydon; or, Self-Conquest (1872), Maggie's Message (1872), Faithful, But Not Famous: A Historical Tale (1872), Fanny the Flower Girl and Esther's Trial (1872), The Giant Conquered (1872), Charley Hope's Testament (1872), Myra's Pink Dress (1873), The Captives (1873) and A Sailor's Lass (1886).

Hayslope Grange
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