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Four centuries ago, English explorer Henry Hudson (1570-1611), commanding the yacht *Halve Maen* for the Dutch East India Company, sailed into a New World tidal estuary near the landmass the local Len


ape Indians called the "island of many hills." The island was Manhattan, and though Hudson was unlikely the first European to see the river, it has been forever after that known by his name. This classic and hard-to-find 1909 work is a primer biography of Hudson, drawn from authoritative sources, focusing on his multiple voyages of exploration and featuring extracts from ships' logs recording the journeys. It also includes then newly discovered documents that recount the trial of the mutineers who, two years after his discovery of the Hudson River, set the navigator-along with other crew members including his teenage son-adrift in an icy bay in what is now northern Canada, never to be heard from again. Complete with all the charming etchings from the 1909 edition, this replica is a handsome commemoration of Henry Hudson's historic achievements. [for special edition only] Visit HenryHudson400.com for news and events honoring the 400th anniversary of Hudson's 1609 third voyage. American historian and journalist THOMAS ALLIBONE JANVIER (1849-1913) wrote frequently about New York, including the books *In Old New York* (1894) and *The Dutch Founding of New York* (1903). --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

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