Historical Tales, Vol. 9 (Of 15)

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At one time very many centuries ago, we cannot say just when, for thiswas in the days of the early legends, there reigned over Upsala in Swedena king named Erik. He had no son and only one daughter, b


ut this girl wasworth a dozen sons and daughters of some kings. Torborg she was named,and there were few women so wise and beautiful and few men so strong andvaliant. She cared nothing for women's work, but was the equal of any manof the court in riding, fighting with sword and shield, and otherathletic sports. This troubled King Erik very much, for he thought thatthe princess should sit in her maiden chamber like other kings'daughters; but she told him that when she came to succeed him on thethrone she would need to know how to defend her kingdom, and now was thetime for her to learn.That she might become the better fitted to rule, she asked him to giveher some province to govern, and this he did, making her queen of a thirdof his kingdom, and giving her an army of stout and bold warriors. Hercourt was held at Ulleraker in Upland, and here she would not let any onetreat her as a woman, dressing always in men's clothing and bidding hermen to call her King Torborg. To fail in this would be at risk of theirheads. As her fame spread abroad, there were many who came to court her,for she was at once very beautiful and the heiress of a great kingdom.But she treated all such with laughter and contempt. It is even said thatshe put out the eyes of some, and cut off the hands and feet of others,but this we do not like to believe. At any rate, she drove away those whotroubled her too much with lance and spear. So it was plain that only astrong and bold man could win this warlike maiden for his wife.At that time King Götrik who ruled in Gothland, a country in southernSweden, had sent his younger son Rolf to be brought up at the court ofhis foster-brother King Ring of Denmark. His elder son Kettil he kept athome, but did not love him much on account of his pride and obstinacy. Soit happened that when Götrik was very old and like to die, he decidedthat Rolf, who was very tall and strong, and very fit and able, shouldsucceed him, though he was the younger son. All agreed to this, evenKettil, so Rolf was sent for and made king of Gothland, which he ruledwith skill and valor.

Historical Tales, Vol. 9 (Of 15)
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