Hounds Their Breeding And Kennel Management

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PREFACE. SINCE the days of that well-known authority, Peter Beckford, but few books have been published confined entirely to Hounds and Hunting. Beckfords Thoughts Upon Hunting, published about the ye


ar 1782, is still looked upon as the best authority on hunting matters, and all books dealing with this subject contain many quotations from his work. The practical advice contained therein was the outcome of a mind that knew his subject thoroughly, and as long as hunting continues his name will be a household word amongst hunting men. As a great lover of hounds and everything connected with hunting, I have ventured to write these few chapters, and it has been my endeavour to give those who should chance to read my little volume the result of my experience, and as the greater part was written far away from any books of reference, I have been unable to give extracts from other sources. That there are many points I have missed I feel certain, and I will only ask the reader to think kindly of my faults, and Aorealise the difficult task I have but poorly achieved. The Foxhound of the present day has been brought almost to perfection. Anyway, he is the most perfect animal in creation, and, thanks to the kindness of several Masters of Hounds, and with the aid of Mr. Cuthbert Bradleys pencil, and some photographs, I have been able to obtain illustrations of many well-known Foxhounds, Harriers, and Beagles, which I think will be of interest. CHAPTER I, In dealing with science of hound breeding, I wish at once to say that my remarks are far from intended to instruct those masters of hounds who are acknowledged authorities on the subject, and who have studied that fascinating and most interesting part of the work that falls to their lot, but rather for the ordinary hunting man, who possibly may some day become a master of hounds, and also in the hope that more follovers of hounds will take an interest in their respective packs, and learn to know how the hounds they ride to are bred, instead of looking upon them simply as a necessary adjunct to their gallop across country. How many men out of a field of a hundred horse- men know one hound from another at the meet do ten per cent Surely this is not as it should be. Go back a hundred years and learn the histories of the trencher-fed packs............ --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

Hounds Their Breeding And Kennel Management
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