Household Arts And School Lunches

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ON OF HOUSEHOLD ARTS TO ELEMENTARY EDUCATION The argument most commonly advanced in favor of household arts teaching in the elementary schools is that it trains girls to be good homemakers and housekeepers. The two are thought of as overlapping, intermingling, as being almost synonymous. Courses dealing with the subject matter of household arts are announced in different cities under names such as homemaking, home economics, household economy, household science, housewifery, household arts, and similar captions. In reality homemaking and housekeeping are different and distinct. Homemaking Versus Housekeeping Home! It means something different to each one; and at the same time it represents to each one, something with which his most intimate and personal feelings are associated. The very word home engenders emotion. "Woman, Home, Church,"? automatically feeling is substituted for thinking when they are under discussion. This is especially true when the argument seems to lead away from safeand well beaten paths. Yet all this complex material which goes to make up a home, this intricate association of four walls and the fancies which vivify them, must be subjected to critical study and analysis before the school can do its part towards intelligently anticipating the needs of homes of the future in its training of the present generation. Such analysis is never entirely satisfactory, but it affords the one means at hand for separating out the parts of the problem which are tangible and concrete from those which are intangible and abstract. Home is a place where physical needs are considered and satisfied, and at the same time a place where physical well- being forms a basis for, and goes along with the expression and fulfillment of various social and personal...

Household Arts And School Lunches
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