How to Become Like Christ

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Marcus Dods (1834-1909) was a Scottish divine and biblical scholar. He was a minister of the Free Church of Scotland (1843-1900). He studied at Edinburgh Academy and Edinburgh University, graduating i


n 1854. Having studied theology for five years he was licensed in 1858, and in 1864 became minister of Renfield Free Church, Glasgow, where he worked for twenty-five years. Throughout his life, both ministerial and professorial, he devoted much time to the publication of theological books. Several of his writings, especially a sermon on Inspiration delivered in 1878, incurred the charge of unorthodoxy, and shortly before his election to the Edinburgh professorship he was summoned before the General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland, but the charge was dropped by a large majority, and in 1891 he received the honorary degree of DD from Edinburgh University. He edited Lange's The Life of the Lord Jesus Christ (6 volumes) (1864), Augustine's Works (1872), and, with Alexander Whyte, Clark's Handbooks for Bible Classes series. His other works include: The Epistle to the Seven Churches (1865) and How to Become Like Christ (1897).

How to Become Like Christ
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