Humanae Salutis Monumenta

Cover of book Humanae Salutis Monumenta
Humanae Salutis Monumenta
Plantin, Christophe, Ca. 1520-1589, Printer
Categories: Nonfiction

Primarily in verse Date of publication from Voet Engraved title-page Running title on p. 4-35 (second set): "Annotationes in odas Bened. Ariae Montani" (by Christophe Plantin) Signatures: A-I K a-b c


Illustrations engraved after Pieter van der Borcht by Jan Wierix, Jeronimus Wierix, and others Initials Funck, M. Livre belge Voet, L. Plantin Press (1555-1589) Lacking leaf A4; leaf B3 trimmed, affecting some text Provenance: "Bibliotheca Coll. Urbina[?]" inscribed in ink on title-page

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