If You Touch Them They Vanish

Cover of book If You Touch Them They Vanish
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he did not understand why she in her turn kept calling, " Martha ? Martha ? come quick ? come quick!" He knew best that she suddenly stopped running, and turned and waited for him, and that as he fell forward she caught him in her arms and began to drag him toward a bright light. It was a most vivid hallucination. And when he woke in his bed, so warm and all, and Martha bending over him, the first thing he told her ? smiling sleepily ? was that he had mistaken her for Miss Jocelyn Grey. "It was the realest sort of an hallucination," he said, "she caught me as I was falling ? and of course she was you." She suddenly stopped running, and turned and waited for him. " How do you feel, Deary ? We ? I had a devil of a time with ye." But the Poor Boy's mind was still upon the vision of Miss Grey. "I saw her," he said, "and there was a look in her eyes that told me she 'd never ? never believed I 'd done it. ... And I was so glad, I tried to run to her for comfort, and all the time she was you. It was all so real ? so real. It was a lot realer than some things that really did happen to me yesterday ? yesterday morning, before I began to get snow-foolish." " Twas the day before yesterday ye came home," said Martha. "And all yesterday ye raved like a lunatic until night, when ye fell asleep, and I knew that all was well." "Have you sat up with me all the time?" "Ye forget I have an old female to help me. We took turns." "You must thank her for me, Martha." "I'll do that." "Tell her I am grateful to her, and I think we should give her quite a lot of money, don't you?" THE Poor Boy could not get Miss Jocelyn Grey out of his head, nor that look which she had had of belief in him. The episode was a rejuvenation, and there were days w... --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

If You Touch Them They Vanish
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