In the Shadow of Islam

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The author of this book Demetra Vaka(1877-1946) immigrated to the United States from Greece. There for many years she served as a journalist and writer. A number of absolutely amazing books belong to


her pen, among which it is possible to name the following: The First Secretary (with Kenneth Brown) (1907), Haremlik: Some Pages from the Life of Turkish Women (1909), A Duke's Price (1910), In the Shadow of Islam (1911), A Child of the Orient (1914), The Grasp of the Sultan (1916), The Heart of the Balkans (1917), In the Heart of German Intrigue (1918), In Pawn to a Throne (with Kenneth Brown) (1919), Modern Greek Stories (with Aristides Phoutrides) (1920), The Unveiled Ladies of Stamboul (1923), and Bribed to be Born (1951).In the Shadows of Islam is a fascinating book describing the role of Islam in the world.

In the Shadow of Islam
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