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Be prepared for diving into a great romantic book called Infelice which describes the life of a woman and her daughter. Her husband leaves her and she feels extremely depressed. She understands that s


he will not be able to bring up her young daughter alone so she gives Regina to a Catholic convent where she spend quite a long time. Meanwhile her mother Minnie becomes a successful actress while her father marries a wealthy woman. Cuthbert meets his ex-wife a couple of times but does not recognize her in a charming actress. When Regina turns 10 years old, she is taken into the family of Minister Dr Hargrove whi wishes to bring her up and give her a proper education. There she falls in love with her guardian's nephew. While Regina exchanges letters with her mother, she does not even have an idea who her father was. So a lot of mysteries are still ahead. Together with a carrying away plot line, the story is full with a number of facts from history and mythology, quotes in different languages which makes the reading more enjoyable.

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