Innocent : Her Fancy And His Fact

Cover of book Innocent : Her Fancy And His Fact
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Marie Corelli was born in England. She was the illegitimate daughter of the Scottish poet Charles Mackey and his servant. Marie was sent to a Parisian convent for her education. Her Victorian romances


have been compared to those of Jaqueline Suzann. The theme in Innocent Her Fancy and His Fact is illegitimate children. Innocent was raised on the farm of Hugo Jocelyn. She believed she was Jocelyn's illegitimate daughter by his fianc e before her death. On his deathbed Jocelyn tells Innocent she was left on his doorstep during a storm. A stranger left her and said he would be back. Instead money was sent every six months for her care. Innocent leaves for London to make her fortune as a writer.

Innocent : Her Fancy And His Fact
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