Isobel : a Romance of the Northern Trail

Cover of book Isobel : a Romance of the Northern Trail
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AT Point Fullerton, one thousand miles straight north of civilization, Sergeant William MacVeigh wrote with the stub end of a pencil between his fingers the last words of his semi-annual report to the


Commissioner of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police at Regina…
A 1913 novel by an American novelist James Oliver Curwood. The name of this author ranks on a par with such writers as Jack London and Ernest Thompson Seton, the acknowledged masters of “animal stories”. Many of his works were adapted for films. Untiring treveller and hunter, Curwood spent many years in journeys, and described all his observations and experience. The works of this author are both captivating and joyful: people and animals face numerous dangers and adventures on the pages of his books.

Isobel : a Romance of the Northern Trail
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