Johnny Reb And Billy Yank

Cover of book Johnny Reb And Billy Yank
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This documentary work written by Beller narrates about the life of common soldiers who take part in the Civil War in America. In the introducing the author brings into some meaningful terms that can g


ive some clues about the people: “Billy Yank, as the Union soldier was commonly referred to, and Johnny Reb, the nickname given to Confederate soldiers.” Terms like these are used superfluously much, in the book they can be met for several times in one sentence. However the coating is given sufficiently – the writer talks about diseases, arms, both armies, food, fights, main battles and so on. Moreover some quotations from the letters from and to the armies are demonstrated in the book. The appendix includes maps, photographs, timetable of the Civil War, some notes, auxiliary books and other resources.

Johnny Reb And Billy Yank
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