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TH. THE SCORN OF SCORN. " And not a man, for being simply man, Hath any honour, but honour for those honours That are without him?as place, riches, favour? Prizes of accident as oft as merit."?Shakspeare. Very different in all respects were Julian's rencontres with others of his old school-fellows. There were some, indeed, among them who had left Harton while they were still in low forms, and some whose tastes and pursuits were so entirely different from his own, that it was hardly likely that he should maintain any other intercourse with them than such as was demanded by a slight acquaintance. But of Bruce, at any rate, it might have been expected that he would see rather more than proved to be the case. Bruce, as having been head of the school during the period when Julian was a monitor, had been thrown daily into his company, and, as inmates of the same house, they had acted together in the thousand little scenes which diversify the bright and free monotony of a school-boy's life. VYVYAN BRUCE. 79 But the first fortnight passed by, and Bruce had not called on Julian, and as they were on different " sides," they had not chanced to meet, either in lecture-room or elsewhere. Julian, not knowing whether his position as sizar would make any difference in Bruce's estimation of him, had naturally left him to take the initiative in calling; while Bruce, on the other hand, always a little jealous of his hrilliant contemporary, and not too anxious to be familiar with a sizar, pretended to himself that it was as much Julian's place as his to be first in calling. Hence it was that, for the first fortnight, the two did not happen to come across each other. Meanwhile Bruce also had made many fresh acquaintances. His reputation for immense wealth and c...

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