Julian the Apostate And the Duke of Mercia

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passages in one of the earliest of the foregoing Scenes, are derived from my recollection of an old tract written with an atrocious power of language. To the matter of this writer I involuntarily fashioned the savage principles I had to ascribe to Maximus. I am not aware of having in any other part of my Poem adopted the ideas of any other writer. I have certainly had no model present to my imagination : and have only from a distance, and with reverence, regarded those admirable writers who were the founders, and remain the glory, of our dramatic literature. In my general sketch only have I sought to adhere to history. I have varied from it in many details. For instance, the mode of attack by which Maojamalcha was reduced, I have applied to Perisabor; principally, I believe, because the former name is not of easy pronunciation. THE DUKE OF MERCIA. STEPHEN EDWAKD RICE, Esq. fyc. fyc. Sfc. AS A MEMORIAL OF GRATITUDE FOR AN INESTIMABLE GIFT, THIS DKAMA IS DEDICATED BY HIS SON-IN-LAW, THE AUTHOR. chapter{Section 4PERSONS OF THE DRAMA. Edmund, surnamed Ironside, King of England. Canute, son of Sweyn, King of the Danes. Edeic Stbeon, Duke of Mercia, - / Brothers-m-law Uthred, Earl of Northumberland, of Edmund. Eustace, Earl of Bulloign, J Edwt, surnamed The Churl, Brother of Edmund. Ethelmae, Earl of Cornwall, friend of Edric. Osmer, the Bastard. Moecae, Sigifeeth, Danish Lords, 1 Friends of Fbithegjst, a Saxon Lord, ) Edmund. Gothmund, Turkill, Danish Nobles, Officers of Canute. Anlaffe,' J Emma, Queen of Ethelred the Second, King of England. Algitha. Sweyn, King of the Danes.') I In the Introductory Gunilda, his Daughter. Scenes only. A Lady, attendant upon her.) Saxon and Danish ...

Julian the Apostate And the Duke of Mercia
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