Just David

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Just David
Porter Eleanor Hodgman
Categories: Fiction » Historical Fiction

‘Just David’ is a children’s best-seller novel written by Eleanor H. Porter in 1916. David is a boy ten years old who plays the violin and does not know his last name. He has an wonderful life in the


mountains with his father. When David’s father becomes seriously ill, they are forced to go down into the valley. With his father's health becoming worse, they spend the night in a barn. Just before he dies, the father gives David a big sum of gold coins, and tells him to hide them until they are really needed. David plays the violin to quiet his "sleeping father". Later David was found by Simeon Holly and his wife and a new life begins for him. Just David is a naive and wonderful story. It makes the readers believe in justice and happiness in the world. It teaches not to lose faith in you and things you love. Just David is a novel that will definitely change you and your attitude to life. This book reminds of childhood, and those days when everything was just simple.

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