Kafka On the Shore

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Mesmerising and utterly bizarre, a cacophony of eccentric characters within a woven overture of forgotten places, ludicrous happenings and labyrinthine quests into the unknown. Careful and thoughtful,


Murakami's prose is poetic and resilient, placing the reader firmly within the territory of the surreal. I felt held in a place that was no longer real and so tangible all the same. I felt the pain. I felt the confusion. I felt the fear. I smelled the books and stepped in each haunting footstep in an undulating journey of enlightenment and insight, seeking that which I could not find.
Interesting and I enjoyed parts of if, but overrated. The most irritating aspect of it was that it often appeared deliberately esoteric. This felt pretentious affected references to firaly obscure music, philosophy, and literature. This made me feel like it was written to sound smart or cultured, to seem 'deep'. In reality most of the metaphors were ether lost in translation or missed the mark. If there was meaning in it most of the meaning felt inaccessible. I'm not sure what was going on in much of the story and still don't know what to make of it.

Ultimately I enjoyed reading most of it but I finished it wondering what the hell it was talking about and feeling like I hadn't taken much away.

Kafka On the Shore
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Guest 2 months ago

Reading this feels very different from most of the books i've read. You know i do not know why there is a minimum criteria required just to review. Only my first sentence is the full review. Thank you and sorry because the things i write from here will only be to fulfill the utter crap of a hundred shitty characters.

Guest 2 months ago

Infinite apologies, i should have placed the last sentence at the beginning. Hope you all get ------

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