Latin America And the United States

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ive to this edifice in which the International Pan American Conference is now in session the name of Palacio Monroe. [The Conference then adjourned.] BANQUET OF THE MINISTER FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS Speech Of His Excellency Baron Do Rio Branco Minister For Foreign Affairs Rio de Janeiro, July 28, 1906 The enthusiastic and cordial welcome you have received in Brazil must certainly have convinced you that this country is a true friend of yours. This friendship is of long standing. It dates from the first days of our independence, which the Government of the United States was the first to recognize, as the Government of Brazil was the first to applaud the terms and spirit of the declarations contained in the famous message of President Monroe. Time has but increased, in the minds and hearts of successive generations of Brazilians, the sympathy and admiration which the founders of our nationality felt for the United States of America. The manifestations of friendship for the United States which you have witnessed come from all the Brazilian people, and not from the official world alone, and it is our earnest desire that this friendship, which has never been disturbed in the past, may continue forever and grow constantly closer and stronger. Gentlemen, I drink to the health of the distinguished Secretary of State of the United States of America, Mr. Elihu Root, who has so brilliantly and effectively aided President Roosevelt in the great work of the political rapprockfmeni of the American nations. Reply Of Mr. Root I Thank you again and still again for the generous hospitality which is making my reception in Brazil so charming. Coming here as head of the department of foreign affairs of my country and seated at the table of the minister of ...

Latin America And the United States
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