Lays of the Western Gael And Other Poems

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LAYS OF THE WESTERN GAEL, AND OTHER POEMS. - 1865. - CONTENTS. LAYS OF THE VESTERN GAEL. Pag - e HE Tain-Quest . 1 The Abdication of Fergus Mac Roy . 2 The Healing of Conall Carnach . 36 The Burial of


King Cormac . . . 53 Aideens Grave . 6 1 The Welshmen of Tiramley . 7 0 Owen Bawn . 89 Grace OMaly . 94 The Fairy Thorn . TVilly Gilliland The Forging of the Anchor The Foresters Complaint . The Pretty Girl of Loch Dan Hungary . Adieu to Brittany . Westminster Abbey . The Origin of the Scythians . . 149 The Death of Dermid . 153 The Invocation . 161 Archytas and the hlariner . . 163 Contents. VERSIOX F S R OBI THE IRISH. Page Introductory Note . . 169 Deirdras Farewell to Alba . 175 Deirdras Lament for the Sons of Usnach . . 177 The Downfall of the Gael . . IS1 I OByrnes Bard to the Clans of Wicklow . . IS6 Lament over the Ruins of the Abbey of Timoleague . 190 To the Harper OConnellan . . 195 Grace Nugent . . 197 Mild Mabel Kelly . . 199 The Cup of OHara . 201 The Fair-haird GirI . . 202 Pastheen Finn . . 204 llolly Astore . . 207 Cashel of Munster . . 209 The Coolun . . 211 Yonghall Harbour . . 214 Cean Dubh Deelish . . 216 Boatmans Hymn . . 217 The dear Old Air . . 219 The Lapful of Nuts . . 220 Marys Waking . . 222 Hopeless Love . . 224 The Fair Hills of Ireland . . 225 -- INTRODUCTORY NOTE. -- THE Tain, in Irish Bardic phrase, was an heroic poem commemorative of a foray or plundering expedition on a grander scale. It was the duty of the bard to be prepared, at call, with all the principal Tains, among which the Tain-Bo-CuaiZgne, or Cattle-Spoil of Quelny, occupied the first place as in it were recorded the exploits of dl the personages most famous in the earlier heroic cycle of Irish story,-Conor Rfac Nessa, RCaev, Fergus Mac Roy, Conall Carnach, and Cuchullin. Conor, King of Ulster, contemporary and rival of Maev, Queen of Connaught, reigned at Emania now t, he Navan, near Armagh, about the conlmencement of the Christian era. He owed his first accession to the monarchy to the arts of his mothcr Nessa, on whom Fergus, his predecessor in the kingly office and step-father, doated so fondly that she had been enabled to stipulate, as a condition of bestowing her hand, that Fergus should abdicate for a year Pronounced Ku-kullin. B 2 The Tain - Quest. in favour of her youthful son. The year had been indefinitely prolonged by the fascinations of Nessa, aided by the ability of Conor, who, although he concealed a treacherous and cruel disposition under attractive graces of manners and person, ultimately became too popular to be displaced and Fergus, whose nature disinclined him to the labours of government, had acquiesced in accepting as an equivalent the excitements of mar and the chase, and the unrestrict, ed pleasures of the revel. Associating with Cuchullin, Conall Carnach, Neesa son of Usnach, and the other companions of the military order of the Red Branch, he long remained a faithful supporter of the throne of his stepson, eminent for his valour, generosity, and fidelity, as well as for his accomplishments as a hunter and a ioet. At length occurred the tragedy which broke up these genial associations, and drove Fergus into the exile in which he died. Deirdra, a beautiful virgin, educated by Conor for his own companionship, saw and loved Neesa, who eloped with her, and dreading the wrath of the king, fled to Scotland, accompanied by his brothers and clansmen. Conor contemplat. ing the treachery he afterwards practised, acquiesced in the entreaty of his councillors that the sons of Usnach should be pardoned and restored to the service of their country and to Fergus was confided the task of discovering their retreat and escorting them to Emania under security of safeconduct... --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

Lays of the Western Gael And Other Poems
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