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Charles Bruce was the author of: The Story of a Moss Rose; or, Ruth and the Orphan Family (1871), My Beautiful Home! ; or, Lily's Search (1871), Leslie Ross; or, Fond of a Lark (1871), Little Katie: A


Fairy Story (1871), Dick Barford: A Boy Who Would Go Down Hill (1871), Twyford Hall; or, Rosa's Christmas Dinner, and What She Did With it (1872), Lame Felix: A Book for Boys (1872), How Frank Began to Climb the Ladder (1873), The Story of John Heywood (1873), Poems, Songs and Ballads of the Sea (1874), Lili: The Doctor's Daughter; or, The Bunch of Violets (1874), The Children's Hour (1874), The Book of Adventure and Peril (1875), The Book of Noble Englishwomen (1875), Noble Mottoes: Familiar Talks on the Mottoes of Great Families (1876), Uncle John's First Shipwreck; or, The Loss of the Brig 'Nellie' (1876), Round Africa: The Peoples and Places of the Dark Continent (1882), A Night in a Snowstorm, and Other Stories (1886), Stirring Adventure in African Travel (1888), Graphic Scenes in Afican Story (1888) and John Lawrence 'Saviour of India' (1889).

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