Let the Great World Spin

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Late summer morning showed the astonished inhabitants of lower Manhattan through its daybreaking light what was happening at the Twin Towers. In August 1974 an unknown tightrope walker being a quarte


r mile above the ground was running, dancing and leaping between the towers. A famous novelist Colum McCann depicts the life of a city and its people. In his novels everything ordinary becomes extraordinary. Let the Great World Spin is probably the best-known and the most ambitious work of his as it finds a new glimpse on pain, loveliness, mystery and promise of New York City in the 1970s. A young radical Irish monk Corrigan has to overcome difficulties in his life as his life flows among prostitutes in the middle of the burning Bronx. Soldiers die in Vietnam and their mothers come to a Park Avenue apartment to share their pain. The life of a young artist is changing rapidly. There is a conflict between a thirty-year-old grandmother by name Tillie and her teenage daughter who does not want to take care of her family and wants to assert herself. McCann uses powerful allegory and we hear everyone's separate voice in the mutual voice of New York. Different lives cross each other and fill with hope, beauty and “artistic crime of the century.” The novel Let the Great World Spin catches the spirit of the United States of that time filled with transitions, wonderful promises and heartbreaking innocence. Award-winning novelist McCann being a“fiercely original talent” (San Francisco Chronicle) has undoubtedly created an American masterpiece that can even heal.

Let the Great World Spin
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